19 year old dating a 14 year old

I've informed DS that he will have a tracking app installed on his phone but we won't check it unless we have a reason to be concerned. I'm quite reluctant to tell him that I know he's dating an 18 year old because at the moment I have his facebook, phone and email passwords and he's agreed to have the tracking app on his phone. If going on her fb profile it may be that she has a different age also.

It's a complicated age gap Edited by ceeshell, 10 February 2016 - AM. There is the fact of the 18yr old being able to go out clubbing or drinking which could lead to the 14yr old being coerced into doing it as well.

Unless I thought the relationship might actually be coercive in which case I'd set the cops on the older party's butt so fast their head would spin. Mine would lose his mind and go storming out to the local park, and be eaten alive by mosquitos, until I went to collect him.

He's a mature one, I tell you The relationship (thankfully) isn't coercive.

When are they expecting to actually see the boyfriend or is the relationship mainly via social media?

I would also be speaking to them about the pill, and safe sexual practice.

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