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AMIGA J; M'K JJ In the first of a new quarterly series, Marshal M Rosenthal reports on the latest games developments from the USA. Great Prizes from top USA software houses in our r~ I » FIENDISH FREDDY POSTER I L % I K? CLUE BOOKS PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS LOOK FOR THE AUTHORISED DEALER WINDOW STICKER is*** IBB t i J** *■ fc" k fk *»J»ft ihh m tm i*t SL^,t& Us£ £*,*? But unlike the typical New Yorker, you've got a good chance to survive as you take on the scummy Foot Clan through a multitude of screens.TCV : The Arts of Noise I Music Special l 7'4 4 7D |I 7? ** k u-»d hi m «t ww Mtfiin j Jtajdj Nifcl BHTHBi j** «r*#* t^^t. Should you endure the hideously polluted Hudson River, it's off to such exerting places as Wall Street, Greenwich Village and Oh-mo, the South Bronx!A password function enables you to dive right into the higher sections once you've played them and recorded the secret codes.A special option allows you to create up to three screens of your own — letting you make large or small "Warehouses" to befuddle your friends (or yourself if you're not care- ful).3)1/1- PER, the most deadly crime force on Earth is preparing to destroy humanity. "You see a combina- tion of static graphics and moving im- ages turned into true 3 dimensional shaded graphics.There's over five dis- tinct 3D worlds here, tropical islands, enemy fortresses, missile launching tanks, charging speedboats.AMD, FORGOTTEN REALMS, DRAGON UNCI iiw S Ite T5R Ioro i re (rid; nurts owned by TSK lac, Like Grnevi. Splash some water on the face, get a cup of coffee. Wild-eyed fanatics consum- ing gallons of coffee night after night and cackling to themselves in the dim light of a monitor tube?

The other side can spend their time using brains rather than brawn in resolv- ing the game.A NEWSRELD PUBLICATION £1.50 US.75 I I COMPUTER LEISURE ENTERTAINME MT TX:0 Hi Exclusive preview of ACTI VISION'S game from the new blockbusting _ ~iovie! * *rtrti ibtkiibt hh i\ms ni Gni^ifaiisi Spw^MMtwni fti f ll^l l thra'j Wat. These green guys have become extremely successful since their be- ginnings as an underground comic, now turned into cute marketing ploys tor everything from action figures to lunch boxes.and introducing from America COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AND INNOVATION FROM HOTBED USA PSYGNOSIS EXCLUSIVE! Jigpi smw HC 5*AJLAn04 «c /tnjfwsfayt captured and knocked unconscious you awake to discover five azure blue symbols imprinted under the J| *i«. So its great to see a game based on the tougher and more deadly aspects of the "boys" life- style in thts jammin Ultra Software Nintendo cart, Now's the dream of a lifetime: To fight your way through the streets and sewers of New York.Take on the con (rots of a totally fictitious flytrtg saucer.Your mission: Scour the miserable planet Earth in search of fuel to power a thirsty fleet of Intergalac Uc crafts.

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Part maze and part strategy, be prepared for lots of frustration — even with the one- move back up button, BOXXLE has the long-lived addiction factor to insure hours of play, not to mention gulping batteries- BOXXLE: FCM5G East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022 NO ENCOUNTERS OF ANY Kt ND When reality just isn't enough— then It's time to putt back on theantl-taminar transducer and haul grau.

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