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I would want to be Brandon Bronco, and I would want to have sex with myself! What’s something that always makes you become emotional?

Everything that involves Liam Efron is bound to have a slightly frenetic pace to it (he is literally the eveready bunny with no off switch).

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As he races around the house looking for someone to fuck, you definitely can feel his urgency.

Enrique is actually the person who eventually points him and cameraman Adam in the right direction to where they find Pip Caulfield, who seems to be able to help Liam satisfy his needs.

In her very first interview with The Sword, Next Door Studios make-up artist, fearless provocateur, and undisputed #1 queen of the world Bambi reveals what she really thinks of Cody Cummings, who her favorite gay porn star is, and that after over three years, she finally got ginger mountain man James Jamesson to bottom for her.

The Sword: What are the three best things about being Bambi? I can only take his extra thickness in my “pussy” so much, so a lot of our sex life is based on mutual oral sex, and he is great at pleasing me with his mouth. It was during gay pride weekend after we’d been partying all day on Molly. I never thought he would ever bottom, and I didn’t know I knew how to top, but I really liked it!!

May 30, 2018 - With 172 guys online right now, you can always find some fun.I don’t think America is ready for someone like me. You’re welcome ;) Gay Live Sex Watch more free hardcore XXX porn at Gay Porn!But if I had a show, it would be something like “Bambi and the Seven Twinks” or “Bambi’s Tranny School.” Many years ago, you did gay porn as Christian Cruz, but have you ever done any tranny porn? I honestly don’t think I’m good at fucking in front of the camera. My most fun porn project as Christian Cruz was when I worked with director Tony Di Marco, and I would love to do something like that again! The sad part about this industry is that we often turn good, well-behaved boys into prima donnas or divas. Gay Male Escorts & Male Massage M4M Celebrity Sword Unlimited Access to Over 10,000 Gay Porn Scenes With Naked Sword Membership!However, they switch roles seamlessly and Boomer starts fucking a breathless Adam.XBIZ has announced the 100 nominees for the online industry edition of the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards. The Exec Awards are part of the XBIZ LA Expo and Award Show, and the winners will be announced there in January 2018 during an exclusive award ceremony.

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Bambi: I get away with a lot, I get a lot of male attention, and I’m 5’4″. As a boy, my height always made me somewhat insecure. He is always super romantic with me, but our sex life is based on him “raping” me. So far, I’m always the bottom, but after three and a half years of dating, I recently fucked him for the first time. Have any of the straight guys who come on the Next Door set ever been tricked into thinking you were born a biological woman? I’m very open and proud about it, but there are often times when the guys don’t know.

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