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Factor in that you’re only going to be interested in 10% of that 50%, and, well, who exactly are you missing? But I hear you when you say that you want certain guys to actively write to you. You stated that you’ve written to them but have gotten no reply.That could mean any number of things, but most likely, it’s that he’s busy with the women who are his “favorite” people on his hot list. Men think they have options – and they’re going to try to exercise them, from the hottest perfect 10’s on backwards. Most guys have hot lists with over 100 people on it. Create a one-of-a-kind profile that attracts the right people. It’s a way for a woman to say She found something on your profile she liked and is letting you know. You’ll do better commenting about something on her profile instead of her thinking or boring crap like that. When a woman uses a wink to show that she’s interested in you. It’s OK to add a woman as a favorite AFTER you message her, never before. Winks, likes, and anything else BUT emails are not acceptable for men. It shows a complete lack of confidence to do anything but send her a message.On a few occasions, I have written to these men to interact with them, but they have not written back.

So thank you, Sylvia, for asking a very important question that tons of people want to know the answer to.

Em todo o caso, trataremos e protegeremos esses dados de acordo com as suas escolhas e com as CGU de Meetic.

I read an article on’s blog about a couple who is now engaged.

This is not remotely true, but this is how we feel; this is what we believe.

We take everything so personally that we never bother to consider the logic of online dating. But the point is that you’ve looked at 500 guys and written to none of them. It would be like a store owner getting upset when someone window shops but doesn’t buy.

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