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Mrs Caroline Graham & her two daughters, Miss Evelyn & Miss Ermentrude are attributed with producing the Branston Pickle recipe at Branston Lodge and production of it started at the Factory in 1922.Most of the fruit & vegetable ingredients were sourced from Covent Garden in London and over half the production returned to London, much being for export.

The Factory was built by local builder Thomas Lowe & Sons and was started in 1917 but not fully finished before the First World War ended in November 1918.Only one of the four large warehouses which were originally planned was constructed and had north facing roof windows to give an even light throughout the day.The site had an internal railway system connected to the nearby Birmingham and Derby Junction railway.They called it their Chief Factory on the labels of their products.Alongside the purchase of the Factory Crosse & Blackwell also purchased Branston Lodge next to the Leicester line railway bridge in Burton Road as a residence for their single female workers (demolished in the 1960’s).

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