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Blackmailing might work, but so would sending a threatening e-mail with a link to phishing malware to steal his credit card.Among the 3.5 million persons exposed, there are likely to be some high-profile individuals.What makes this incident interesting is the sheer breadth of information involved.Most data breaches can be mitigated by changing a password or canceling a credit card.

Politicians, religious leaders, financiers and other powerful people could be in real trouble if their unusual sexual predilections were public knowledge, and might be willing to pay up to keep them private.

If so, change the password on the account right away, and on any other accounts on which you used the same password — even though passwords were not among the stolen data.

Your best bet at this point would be to hope that you have nothing to hide — and if you do, take solace in the fact that with 3.5 million names to choose among, the odds are against you being singled out by criminals.

Data reportedly breached in the latest hack includes email addresses, passwords, IP addresses and site membership status.

If Adult Friend Finder users have the same password for multiple sites and online services, criminals could use it to compromise other accounts.

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A major data breach to the “sex and swingers” website Adult Friend Finder could trigger a series of follow-on hacks, security researchers have warned.

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