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Your rights during pregnancy and childbirth depend on your employment status.

For example, you need to be classed as an ‘employee’ in order to qualify for the right to take maternity leave.

The idea was inspired originally by one of the children in Jane's Under 5 art classes; then developed with input from other young readers; and launched in 2016 with bookstore windows and events at Heffers Cambridge, Forum Books Corbridge, Nomad Books, Tales on Moon Lane, Waterstones Clapham Junction and the Apple Store, Regent Street.

You can see more of Jane's work and her multi-faceted approach to art and creativity at We are also delighted to be welcoming two other award-winning author illustrators to LAW for 2018: Emily Gravett, twice winner of the Greenaway Medal and Steve Mc Carthy, who was the winner for the National Book Tokens Children's Book of the Year (Junior) with Sarah Webb (author) at the Irish Book Awards for his picture book debut A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea (O'Brien Press).

It also answers questions on the new rights for agency workers who have worked for 12 continuous weeks and how to work out your employment status and length of employment.Most agency workers are ‘workers’ as they are not an employee of the agency or of the employer who is providing the work. No, it does not matter whether you have a written contract or not.However, a small number of agency workers are employees of the agency, so you should check your contract or ask. You still have the same rights but there may be more uncertainty about your employment status and about your terms and conditions at work if it is not written down. A small number of agencies employ their staff directly, so check your contract or ask the agency. In some cases you may be described as ‘casual’ or ‘self-employed’ or a ‘permanent temp’ when really you are an employee.In most cases, but not all, agency workers are regarded as ‘workers’.You may be an ‘employee’ of the agency or employer if: This is a complicated area of law and, if you are not sure about your employment status, you can get advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau, Law Centre, trade union or organisations listed at the end of this information sheet.

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