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look at this way if its running its an extra layer of security and if not you still have Amavisd Unix_Demon Well I know that 'spamd' is not running.

According to the Wiki for Cent OS, we do not need to run the 'spamd' daemon because the Amavisd-new utility uses the 'Spamassassin' modules for Amavisd-new filtering.

See enable this on Debian Wheezy, I added a cron job (/etc/cron.d/sa-update-sought) like : 10 */3 * * * debian-spamd /usr/local/sbin/sa-update-sought And then created /usr/local/sbin/sa-update-sought which looks a bit like : #! = 119 ]; then su - debian-spamd -c "/usr/local/sbin/sa-update-sought" exit 0 fi # See -v --gpgkey 6C6191E3 --channel --channel updates.# so wow, so speed.

/usr/bin/sa-compile (Don’t forget to chmod 755 the script and also perhaps run it containing ‘set -x’ and/or ‘set -e’) Firstly, Amavis was complaining about duplicated headers for some emails.

you can use the Setup command then go to system services and see Freshclam is checked to run if so then run the command.

Since I’m going to be using the Maildir format instead of mbox, I’ll be installing Courier Maildrop as the delivery agent.

If you want to stick to mbox, you can install Procmail for you delivery agent.

INSTALLATION I’ll assume you have already done a base install of Etch and we’ll start from there.

The first thing we’ll do is edit our apt sources file to allow us to use the most current and up to date versions of Clam AV and Spam Assassin.

Search for amavisd updating:

amavisd updating-4amavisd updating-5

For the FQDN of my server I will enter “mail.tobias.local” and this server will be used as an “Internet site”.

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