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The webcam is located at Hotel Nes in the center of the city and showcases stunning views, including the beautiful Amstel Canal.Watch as tourists explore the nearby area and visit the many restaurants, bars and shops.When you have walked a bit and discovered even the hidden places (there are even inside placed 'rooms' with webcam girls) you'll have an idea what kind of girls are working behind the webcam in Camster Damn that night.By that time, it might be a smart idea to decide with which girl you'd liked to have some fun.These webcam girls are dancing around their rooms in their bikini's, waiting for you to come inside.

You can join and watch the hottest and very famous amsterdam voyeurhouse parties live.

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The virtual world is built to the actual surroundings so if you ever went to Amsterdam you might recognize some things.

One thing we all will regocnize in Camster Damn are the stunning girls.

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