Any aunty for sex in tambaram from 35 45

She also told me not to say it to anybody, especially her daughter who was 15.

She usually takes me to her room on Fridays because she can m***** me longer and next day is Saturday, there is no school for me so she can keep me up at night late.Stroking my cock I asked her to take off her nightgown and I told her to get totally naked. She was sucking the head parts and she was licking my balls.It was so good I stood up and pressed her head in my cock.My aunt started to tell me how sorry she is and she offered me money to keep it quite. I told her that I’d keep every thing quite if she would convince her daughter to sleep with me in my room. She refused that offer and told me that she will give me money not her daughter. So I asked her to give me oral sex when ever I wanted in exchange for the secret.She didn’t say anything for a while but then she said ok. I still wanted to have sex with her daughter but that night her nightgown made me horny I decided to do her that night.

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