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The very first kiss on film was between a Victorian couple seen in the Edison kinetoscope The May Irwin Kiss (1896) (aka The Kiss, or The Irwin-Rice Kiss in a filmed scene from the stage play The Widow Jones).

This titillating short 20-second film, with a close-up of a kiss, was denounced as shocking and pornographic to early moviegoers and caused the Roman Catholic Church to call for censorship.

The original vamp and first movie sex goddess, the full-bosomed Theda Bara, starred in a number of early silents for the Fox Film Corporation - her first lurid, slinky vamp appearance (and first lead role) was in Fox's melodramatic A Fool There Was (1915), in which she portrayed a worldly, predatory woman who stole a married man away from his wife and child.

Her most famous line in this film was: "Kiss me, my Fool!

Fuelled by mixed feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, lust, deep arousal, passion and love, the intense emotional pleasure of a husband watching his beloved wife act in such a provocative and raw sexual manner can create all manner of feelings.

For many men it generates unexplainable sexual excitement they can find hard to quantify but one they constantly lust and fantasize after.

In the days before the film industry's stringent Production Code was established in 1930 (known as the Hays Code after Will Hays, the head of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America - MPPDA) and strictly enforced after 1934 to regulate "morally offensive" content, many silent and 'Pre-Code' taboo-breaking films contained adult-oriented material.In addition to nudity, sexuality and violence, they included candid depictions of drug use, prostitution, lawlessness, and religious blasphemy.Since the abandonment of the Hays Code in the late 60s, and the fairly recent establishment of various rating systems, sexual or erotic films with even small amounts of nudity have become more abundant.However the reality may bring about other issues and feelings of jealousy and possessiveness whereas the fantasy just holds the clean thrill of the excitement.With that in mind, Lorenzo, having engaged in the ultimate fantasy of watching his beloved Nikki enjoy the passions of such raw sexual pleasure with her lover before his very eyes in this hotwife film sequel, his body and mind is now craving her back.

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