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After feelings take root, they threaten that love with simple problems which a little money can fix.This also allows the man to feel like a provider, reinforcing his feeling of love.If the man wants fulfillment for helping others, this might be fine.But in most cases the man wants love and a potential relationship. Moreover, the fake Asian bride can request money for: founder and editor of Asian Dating Journal.

People are often ashamed to come forward and admit that they’ve been duped.

The man, with a smaller bank account and a broken heart, wonders what happened. As with most scams, it plays on people’s deepest emotions.

In this case, the scammers latch onto his loneliness and promise love.

The general sequence of events follows a common course: Lonely male, often in the US but could be from any first-world country, strikes up a conversation online with a stranger. Just a little more than the woman can handle on her own.

The stranger might be a female or they direct the male to a female later, but eventually there is an introduction to a “woman” who “lives” in Asia. The man offers to help out, usually by sending the woman money.

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Conversations happen more frequently and before long, the woman says she would love to come meet the man. But over the next few weeks or months, a seemingly endless string of these events results in more money being needed.

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