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The incidence of antisocial personality is higher in people who have an antisocial biological parent; parents with histories of drug and/or alcohol abuse and who physically and/or emotionally abused the individual during childhood.

Perhaps most tragic is the fact that, were a person with "Anti Social Personality Disorder" to read this brief, they would probably not identify with the characteristics or believe they applied to them in any way.The cause of this disorder is unknown, but biological or genetic factors may play a role.The disorder tends to occur more often in men than in women, and in people whose predominant role model had antisocial features.I began researching immediately and what I found was frightening.The so-called experts recommended everything from reporting him to the police, to relocating to an alpaca ranch in Argentina. If you’re different, charismatic, and dangerous, I’ll probably love you. It was a mythical place I’d heard about in existential philosophy classes but I’d never met anyone who resided there.

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