Auction hunters allen haff dating carolyn

Later, Allen and Ton brought her on as their assistant for their Hawaii episode that aired on September 19.

It seems fitting that an episode in Hawaii, which is generally portrayed as both glamorous and relaxed, should be the appropriate place to introduce a new character.

To make matters even more unnerving the storage facility had barbed wire on top of the fence. There were few peeps at the storage auction but one gentleman stood out from the crowd. Ton used duct tape to *snap* his thumb back into place. Probably why I chose to forget…Please leave your insightful opinions in comment box below. The JUGS passing machine can pass a football from 5-80 yards. Allen and Ton rung the bell and closed down Wall Street. Allen found a potential buyer for the football machine, a former NFL player Vince Palpale. Vince was interested in the machine for a youth league.Unfortunately, networks seem to disagree, and more and more the human element is sidelined in favor of casting eye-candy for various roles.From the addition of Danielle Rainey and Olivia Black on Pawn Stars to the new arrivals of Jenny Grumbles and Mary Padian on Storage Wars: Texas, it's pretty clear that reality TV producers are casting with an eye toward good looks when they find female stars.

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  1. The village where they spent their summers was tiny. It was composed of about 70 people, all of whom were related in some way or another, so, as an extraneous bit of DNA in their midst, it was hard to know what to do with myself or how to fit in.