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The company has been promising to provide this to its affiliate since last June.

Consequently, we have decided to immediately discontinue our business activities as well as our sales in the US and Canada.This is due to the fact that, in the event of any doubt, it cannot be ruled out that this illegal advertising by the distributors involved will cause the relevant authorities to suspect that our company itself is promoting this type of advertising activity, or at least tolerates it.This type of alarming view by the authorities would lead to unforeseeable damage for our company as well as our sales partners who observe applicable laws.The catches are any affiliates they’re aware of that have multiple accounts will have “unlawful payments” across those accounts deducted.Any affiliates USI-Tech deems to have advertised the company for what it is, a 140% ROI Ponzi scheme, won’t be getting any of their money back.

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In fact USI-Tech even goes so far as to assert it might go after these affiliates with “claims for damages” (hahahahahahaha! In a move that appears to be an attempt to scrub the internet of evidence for present and future regulatory investigations, USI-Tech also requires affiliates to destroy and/or take offline all websites, landing pages, social media sites/chat groups (e.g., Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Whats App, Telegram pp.) or other online or offline advertising materials relating to direct sales of our goods, software, other services and/or our direct sales concept.

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  1. Currently, I'm researching different services, but am frustrated and disappointed that after three months I can't seem to get past one letter. The responses I would get would not even answer the most basic of my questions, and in some cases, the letter from the lady truly made no sense whatsoever to what I had sent her. If I sent a letter to, or opened a letter from Chisinau, then BINGO - the next day I was mysteriously popular with other women from Chisinau. John - Dallas I have seen a few negative comments on this site regarding, a company that operates out of Atlanta, Georgia through,, and