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That Ji-An was still as firm as wood towards Do-Kyung in the closing scene made me wish there was just some slight softening on her part to show that she could put the past behind her and start over with Do-Kyung. Just want to beat the crap out of everyone who made this series so good.people will start stalking about main character's real life, just like how DK stalked JA.. like those same old Wedding Ending (as suggested by some fans here) which is commonly seen in Cdramas and Tw-dramas. The writers of MGL already did a very good job with the ending. Thanks KBS for this wonderful drama and Thanks to the actors and staff for creating this wonderful drama...... He finally took control of his own life and pursued the love of his life. Watching and loving her from afar and yet he couldn't approach her until he was quite certain that she has healed and got her life going again. Of course it would have been a bonus if there were a few more episodes thrown in because these two are the cutest couple when they are dating. Thank you to the cast who made this drama so worth watching and as Park Si Hoo said he will never forget this drama! He is an adult human being with a several year work history at the company before he left on his own.Starting over, after mistakes, is such a great theme, and this series exemplifies that very well! Hi, all my golden life lovers...drama will remain as the best in history and for me, I will and can never forget this drama. It was ridiculous he needed to be penniless for a time.You have many of your fans smile, cry, sigh, and yearn for so much over these past few months, and we wish you the very best! Maybe 2 more episodes would have given fans who needed to see J in a wedding dress the satisfactory ending they needed.Secretly, I also wanted to see the two confirm their future together. Good job to writer, director, all cast and crew for a wonderful drama. still cannot understand the high ratings to me these epi are no more than 5 to 8% what 30% is this a big joke or maybe im reading some other drama ratings anyway too much useless comedy and nothing about the storyline thats why im quiting oh well hope my next drama is a better one We have come a long way...... Overall, it was a great drama and I am glad I watched it. I just saw the last episode (52), and I did enjoy most of this drama. There's plenty of better written dranas with better story lines then showing greed and deseption. regretfully but i have to dump this drama by epi 13 i cant believe the writer hasnt start the drama yet when is he planned to do it by epi 20 or 30? He needed to "meet someone who could appreciate him" for who he was instead of trying to change him.

Thank you, those who played Ji-An and Do-Kyung, and all the others, for your amazing performances. I recall that about 2 months back in this discussion thread, a fan had predicted that in the end, the Choi children would rebel and leave Haesung and the Jung family would take over. The Prince gave up his kingdom and his crown for the woman he loved and J and DK were both given the opportunity for a possible future together without J compromising on her principles. While the father's slow demise, and its effects on the family and the overall drama, was expertly acted, I found myself wishing the writers had handled this part of the series a little more succinctly and sensitively, as there are many of us who have lost loved ones to cancer and know all too well what a draining and life-altering experience that can be for an entire family. The cast was amazing and delivered memorable performances, easily making this one of the best Korean dramas I have seen. The ending wasn't near as bad as they led me to believe. Thumps up just finished epi 9 and this drama is too lazy for me its too slow and predictable i am a little disappointed cuz i expected much more from this its not living up to the great ratings it boast so far i skipped a lot nevertheless i didnt missed anything substantial that means the writer is putting a lot of bull out there if this thing dont improved dramatically in the next 3 or 5 epi i will pull the plug i mean sayonara, au revoir, hasta la vista baby, chao, concurrently im watching another 10 dramas so i dont have time to waste only the ones that i like survive oh well I am glad I didn't pay attention to the comments and finished watching this.

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When Ji-An's father told her, under the tree, to give herself another chance, and when he also told Do-Kyung to wait forever if he meant he loved Ji-An, I believed a "happy ending" was all the more possible. Love that DK had a chance to talk to JA's dad and receiving good advice. I was glad when he left the CEO position he seemed to have a decent place to live. But that would be an American ending, this is a Korean drama. He goes off to Spain and she works going into the office for a year. Salavation army kettle, volunteering at the orphanage and helping the elderly who live alone. Finished with strong rating and each actors deserved a round of applause for making the drama Unforgettable.

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