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He decided to become a teacher after helped a troubled JK for good.

In the original manga and anime, Onizuka is a 22-year-old bachelor and teacher at Holy Forest Academy.

Also, he has stated a number of times that he follows a daily training routine, which includes 500 push ups, 1000 pull ups, and 2000 Hindu squats.

Onizuka's abnormal strength is displayed various times throughout the manga; his fearsome power is used to solve many of his problems as well as his students' problems.

He's well known for having a wide variety of costumes.

Onizuka is very athletic: being able to bench press 150kg (approximately 330 lbs.).

He is a second dan black belt and was a college karate champion.

There, he is the homeroom teacher of the troublesome Class 3-4.

He teaches social studies, but is renowned throughout the school for teaching life lessons to his students.

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