Bes gal not updating

Because the GAL contacts are going to be created in a users mailbox on the Exchange Server, do you want to ?

If a user has existing GAL contacts, do you merge contacts, wipe them - or duplicate them?

Before syncing the GAL to an i Phone or any other Smart Phone, take advantage of the lessons learned from your peers that have done this before.

If you review the questions below, it will give you a well-informed starting point for your GAL to i Phone sync project.

Correct it in AD and everyone gets the right number.

Is there information you don't want to publish in the GAL but wanted on Smart Phones? Will HR object to pushing home information to Smart Phones?

One customer with a GAL size well beyond 250,000 users uses primarily a “drive by” update strategy. If any of those contacts that match an email address in the GAL, there will be a “Standard Contact” update.

In that case, GAL information is merged into their contacts.

If you have a need to sync the GAL (Global Address List) to a lot of Smart Phone users, first you should consider what’s in your GAL.No personal contacts are affected because those contacts don't have an email address which matches GAL contacts.There are many considerations for syncing the GAL to an i Phone.However, I would not recommend pushing a GAL of more than about 15,000.It bothers some users and you don’t need to force this down someones throat. If your Active Directory hierarchy has partitioned users into Organizational Units, that may present some opportunities for partitioning the GAL.

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