Blackberry curve not updating emails

Had no idea 4.3 was out, even from reading this thread.Anyway I updated the other night and the phone is instantly improved.Upgraded to 4.4.2 using the Nordic firmware available on Sam Mobile and also referenced here Rooted as well because I run Viper4 audio So far so good :-) 4-2-kitkat-software-update-1448240 Samsung had released Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat software update for the international model of Galaxy Note 2 last month.Now a similar update is available for the LTE variant of the second generation of Galaxy Note, which was running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.I am not prepared to wait for australia to receive the 4.4.2 update!Normally I would do a factory reset after installing a new firmware, but this thing is flying and don't feel the need to start fresh!

I have checked my Knox status and it is still 0 which means it was unaltered.

Faster, more stable, and the battery is no longer like quicksand in my hand. I've got a problem with my Note 2 (7105T) being stuck on version 4.1.2. The software update says I'm on the latest version...

Edit: I've done some research and decided to flash with a tool called Odin using a firmware downloaded from: (specifically: Despite running Android 4.3, I'm getting fed up with my Note 2 taking so long to bring up the camera, along with several other slow to react apps, so I'm contemplating doing something dramatic too, although maybe not a full reset ... I was a keen xdadevelopers reader and could update my old HTC Touch 2 with the latest WM6 hack and restore all my settings with my eyes closed ... Fiddling with more bleeding edge Android updates is a bit new to me – back to baby steps now. then i noticed whinging but i think waiting is more appropriate. 20% burned just browsing via wifi with screen brightness on lowest. Found some genuine on ebay for , is there a better option though.

As the N7105XXUFND3 build is an unbranded version of firmware, it can be installed on any unlocked GT-N7105 unit, irrespective of country and region.

I bit the bullet today and flashed the Nordic firmware.

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Aside from an assurance that my contacts, photos and data remain intact, though I have a backup of these anyway, is there any other back-up considerations I should take – like screenshots of my 3 home screens and apps list – before biting the bullet? anyway am i the only one that still likes the note 2 or should say a small number of people now. I think you could do far worse by going to a Telstra shop!

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