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Like many other dating sites, this one will also remind you of some popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.So, it won’t take you too much time to get used to it. We all know that design isn’t the most important thing when it comes to online dating sites.UK Baby Boomers features a very pleasing and soothing design.The combination of blue, white, and pink really goes well with the complete layout of the website.Dr Bateson said those people needed to be supported as they re-entered the dating scene."We do know that older men and women are meeting new partners, sometimes multiple new partners, so it's really important that they understand how to protect themselves."She wants governments to follow in the footsteps of the United Kingdom and New York City Council and run safe sex campaigns aimed specifically at baby boomers.

She said this may simply be men re-entering the dating world "with gusto", but without the safe sex education most younger people get given."Just not having that knowledge to be able to understand the importance of using condoms both to protect themselves and their partners," she said."And having those negative perceptions about condoms.

Whether you’re into serious relationships, or you just want to chat with people you like, this online dating site will provide you with everything you need.

All the members are fun, beautiful, approachable and most importantly from your own age group.

He dated three different women over the course of six months but never used condoms."Maybe it's just stupidity, maybe it's naivety, I don't really know, it was just never…

it didn't seem like a really big issue."He said although he trusted women he was dating who said they did not have STIs, he still ended up being tested — and was relieved when the results were negative."At the time it's like 'let's go for it' and when you've done all that you think 'well that was pretty stupid', and maybe you just sort of look back and go well 'I'd better go check up on that now'," Trevor said."It was definitely stupid, but when you're on a date and something's coming your way you're sort of not going to knock it back I guess."Older men were not the only ones who said they were unlikely to use a condom in the survey.

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However, there aren’t that many dating sites for mature people, but that is about to change.

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