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"When I saw she was back, I was like, 'There's no way that's the same girl.

I was very into it."He tells me all of this with his hands down his pants while Brooke strips naked next to us, posing for the supplemental photos that come along with the DVD. I had some experiences with mainstream and my agent at the time set me up with some nude modeling gigs, which led to porn."She says once she started, she just didn't stop. ' I just wanted to learn more and learn it in a safe environment." So she quit porn and went to college at a California state university.

In an industry that's famously hard on older women — although, TBH, which industry isn't?

— it's not unheard of for a girl to be shooting barely legal at 18 and then transition to MILF at 25.

"The sponge will expand," she says calmly, "and pop right out." It's an old porn trick — women can use a sponge when they're on their periods and still have to shoot.

Everyone's in a panic, running around trying to find a solution — as if there's some kind of device that will remove a firmly lodged sponge out of one's body — until Stormy Daniels, director and adult film veteran (she's done it all, from performing to writing to directing), tells the freaked-out starlet to squirt some water into her vagina.

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Instead, Brooke is jumping in where she left off, and the demand is high.

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