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Introduction A developer is asking how to select one radio button at a time if the radio button is inside the Grid View.As you may know setting the group name attribute of a radio button will not work if the radio button is located within a data representation control like a Grid View.I am using a client side validation and it is starting to get messy, considering I am making a form. Post)] public Action Result Info(Model Data Info Data) { if (info Data.With all the textbox and radio button validations, the controller will be overwhelmed. The following example has four possible selections.When the submit button is clicked and none of the radio buttons have been selected an alert box will appear instructing the person to make a selection prior to submission.

- a new Validator instance is created on every button click - also a separate Validator is attached to every radio button element The best approach will be to attach the Validator to the list instead to the individual radio buttons and to change the click event handler to get reference to the widget and to call its validate method.This is because the radio button inside a Grid View behaves differently.Since a Grid View is rendered as a table element, at run time it will assign a different "name" to each radio button. In this article I'm going to show how to select one radio button at a time in Grid View and add a simple validation to it using plain Java Script.A simple loop is constructed to check each radio button selection for a value of true or false.If a selection has been made it will pass a value of true.

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