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Remaining an excellent alternative in the camera-centric phones realm, the Sony Ericsson C902 still loses to the similarly priced Samsung F480 Tocco with its fancy touch UI and good camera and the Nokia N82 with its superb image quality plus GPS and Wi-Fi.Nevertheless, we enjoyed its company and won't mind seeing it around more often.

but then, why do i keep on getting phone is up-to date ?? 2 weeks ago, i sent in my phone to fix the erratic alarm problem. And I asked them to do a firmware upgrade at the same time.

On 2008-08-10 , unforgiven_sh wrote: R3CA037 is the latest fw for this phone the SEUS updates are region related so there might not be any updates available for your region the only thing you can do is wait and check SEUS once in a while On 2008-08-10 , ayejatt wrote: I've got a Vodafone C902 but it is not being picked up by seus, citing "Identification Failed" after releasing "C" button, I've tried a DCU-60 and 65, still the same, tried it also on a fresh window install, no luck...(all drivers from PC suite installed) any suggestions? Ended up being a faulty usb port on my computer and reinstalled the usb drivers.

Sometimes it also happens when the phone has been flashed with 3rd party software and the CDA customisation hasn't been written to the phone correctly.

Hi guys My first post and it down to a problem I'm having after upgrading my C902 on O2 to the latest software:- 1204-1731 R3CA033 080703 Since I have done this, my screen seems to change in brightness while I am using it, even though I have it set to 100% brightness, it will start getting dark after about 1 second.

Please note this is not just the standard standby when the screen goes completely black, it's actually happening while I am typing tetxs.browsing the net etc. Has some power save option somehow been enabled by my software update?

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When I returned to collect my phone, they handed me a replacement set! I asked the staff but she said that's already the latest one. My firmware is: 1204-1733 R3BA035 080521 I don't use Windows PC, so i couldn't use the SEUS. Sometimes I get a " Your phone already has the latest software" message, sometimes "The software couldn't be downloaded".

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