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emerald: 14.50 admission fee now, English Heritage site, a good 25 minute walk up to the stones from the controversial visitors centre, buses do run for people with children or mobility problems, if you want the audio tour it's another 2- a rip off l think mfrincu: Breathtaking place!

More details on both of these in the comments on our Stonehenge page. On reverse: 'Photo gravure by the Vandyck Printers Ltd., Bristol & London.' Turn off the page maps and other distractions Pop-up a mini map of these sites Pop-up a Google Map of these sites Nearby sites listing.Private access is available throughout most of the year and must be booked in advance from English Heritage. bat400: My friend had downplayed the site so as not to ruin any exaggerated image I had in my mind.He did such a good job that I was astonished, forcing him to stop the car a half mile to the east, so I could get out and revel in the view from a distance before we arrived.Anti_quarian: Been several times through my life, used to live just up the road actually.For me the effect of the place only gets stronger as the years pass by. h_fenton: Arrived at Stonehenge before dawn, watched the sun slowly rise from the roadside, crossed the road, popped my kite and camera into the air and then watched Stonehenge security scurry towards me before they told me to take it down because I might damage the stones.

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