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Your solar chart has Uranus entering your house of acquaintances.

These may be people you consider friends, but they really are not close to you, as in a confidante and someone you know you can trust.

However in some cases these differences will manifest as difficulties that cannot be ameliorated.

Some of this is likely to stem from a tax issue or your partner's finances and you need to be aware of this.

Just because people make bad decisions it is their right to do so unless they are deemed by the court system unable to make decisions.

In which case, get a guardian ad litem on your payroll.

The worst news for your year is one of the more morose energies the Universe has to offer. On the other side of it, you also have the very best transit happening in your chart this year as well.

Uranus is an immediate energy and those dates may be significant for you personally as well as nationally.] The news this month has to do with a major change by the planet of eccentrics, geniuses, weirdos and chaos makers to the sign of herd animals and comfort.

These two couplings are not exactly happy together and in some cases can cause ideologies to clash to an extent that annihilates them both. For most of us we will be able to navigate this energy even if we don't necessarily like all of the outcomes.

[Yes, this is a friendly commercial from your advocate social worker astrologer].

In other news, your partnership house looks particularly exciting.

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