Carbon dating research on noahs ark

“A ship of about 200-250 ft [60-75 m] would make much more sense than the 450 ft [135 m] one.”” Awake!

2013 Sep p.15 Wikipedia - List of world's largest wooden ships Watchtower article on length of the Ark - Awake 1/07 pp.

Scholars find these figures problematic and hard to verify, in that wooden sailing ships in excess of 300 feet (90 m) in length are structurally unsound.

“All indications are that exaggeration has been at work in the accounts that mention the ships’ enormous size,” says one article on the subject.

The dimensions provided in the Bible for the length of the ark raise two issues.

On the one hand, it was too long to be water tight if constructed from wood.

Following are key areas to consider when deciding if a global flood is possible, presented in layman's terms.

The footnotes link to sources providing detailed research behind each topic.

Although the arguments presented for a flood are from Watchtower publications, little of this originates with Watchtower writers, but borrows heavily from fundamental Christian sources.

This is considered the physical limit for wooden boat construction, because at this length it is not possible to prevent wood flex and leakage.

Ships built with a length of 100 meters during the 1800's suffered problems with leakage, despite being reinforced and braced with steel.

Since adults are not as gullible as children, Watchtower has found it necessary to explain that "every" animal means only a very small subset of animals.

Since fitting 2 of each animal is impossible, the Watchtower speculates that Noah did not need to take representatives of every species, but only of each "kind", a term taken from Genesis that the Watchtower claims refers to animal breeding boundaries.

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