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Sam is portrayed by actor and musician Chord Overstreet.Sam shows some interest in the Glee club when they are singing Empire State of Mind in the courtyard by tapping his foot along with Sunshine who is also enjoying the performance.At the Big Apple he gets back together with Mercedes for a third time.However, even this relationship fails when Sam struggles to cope with Mercedes' celibacy vows.Kurt Hummel (former crusher)Quinn Fabray (ex-girlfriend)Santana Lopez (ex-girlfriend)Brittany Pierce (ex-girlfriend)Blaine Anderson (former crusher)Penny Owen (ex-girlfriend)Rachel Berry (ex-girlfriend)Tina Cohen-Chang (kissed)Charlie Darling (kissed)Mercedes Jones (ex-girlfriend)Unnamed Girl (girlfriend)Blaine Anderson Tina Cohen-Chang Artie Abrams Finn Hudson Noah Puckerman Mercedes Jones Mike Chang Quinn Fabray Kurt Hummel Lauren Zizes Rachel Berry Brittany Pierce Ryder Lynn Rory Flanagan Kitty Wilde Joe Hart Sugar Motta Unique Adams Marley Rose Jake Puckerman Will Schuester Emma Pillsbury Sheldon Beiste Santana Lopez Burt Hummel Carole Hudson-Hummel Spencer Porter2011 High School State football championship (shared with the rest of football team)'10 Show Choir Sectionals, first place'11 Show Choir Regionals, first place'11 Show Choir Nationals, twelfth place '11 Show Choir Sectionals, first place'12 Show Choir Regionals, first place'12 Show Choir Nationals, first place'12 Show Choir Sectionals, first place'13 Show Choir Regionals, first place'13 Show Choir Nationals, second place Samuel "Sam" Evans is a major character on Glee. He makes his first appearance as a new sophomore in Audition, the first episode of Season Two, and soon joins the New Directions.After unsuccesful relationships with Quinn and Santana, he ultimately begins dating Mercedes. Unlike the clueless Chaste Hero, who just doesn't get romance, the Celibate Hero consciously and actively shuns and avoids it. Frederic Chopin: You must think I'm inexperienced, but I assure you, I was baptized...

As of Loser Like Me, he is now Coach Beiste's assistant football coach at WMHS.They break up after Sam moves out of state following Season Two, but after returning to Lima in Hold on to Sixteen, he begins working on trying to rekindle things with her.However, Mercedes ultimately decides against it, due to the guilt of having cheated on her new boyfriend Shane.When questioned about this by Finn, Sam says that he wanted to come, but didn't want to risk being alienated the way Finn has been, since as the new guy at Mc Kinley he already feels like an outsider.As he exits, Sam reveals that he is the new quarterback, news that greatly disheartened Finn.

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