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"First, we will make sure you are securely bound." He tied her arms up over her head and then back down to the top of the chair back making sure each was secure but not cutting off her circulation. His finger went from toying with her outer lips to exploring just inside her pussy lips and the entrance to her vagina.

Next he took her legs behind the knees and pulled her down so she was more slouched in the chair and then brought her knees closer to her chest, spreading her legs and bringing her stocking-covered ankles to the end of the chair's arms. Lisa spread her legs further, hoping he would press fully into her.

So she pressed on with her work and looked forward to her afternoon meeting with Mr. Once she was satisfied that she was properly adorned, she went back to the office and to Mr. Like she had done at lunchtime, she softly knocked and upon being told to, entered the office. Roberts stood up and walked around his desk as Lisa had knocked and was sitting on the edge of his desk as she entered. Another jolt of electricity and she could feel her wetness beginning. Now then, are you ready for this evening's entertainment? Have a seat in this chair." She sat down in the sturdy wooden chair that he had indicated.

It was new to the room, she had taken notice of it when she had first come in and now she would find out its purpose. He began by using his thumb to strum her engorged, throbbing clit and running his fingers up and down her wet slit, just inside her outer lips.

Her hands clenched and opened as she tried making sense of what was happening and her eyes rolled back in her head. She arched and twisted in her bonds, trying everything to either relieve the stress or fall over the edge and cum, but nothing helped. " she screamed as the floodgates of her pussy opened up. I would love to be your personal secretary - or anything else you want! He headed for the door and just as he reached for the button to signal the guard, Amy spoke up. "Well, she has done a good job and I am pleased with how she has taken to her new duties. I trust I won't be seeing you back here anytime soon." "Thank you, warden," she said. Roberts and Amy left the office, processed out at the front desk and were taken out of the prison yard by another guard. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

She wondered what she was going through and if she had regretted her decision. Then she removed her bra, allowing her full breasts freedom. He felt the soft satiny fabric and inhaled her scent deeply before putting the garment in his pocket.

She felt a little better knowing Amy's mother would be taken care of, but poor Amy must be going through hell. Roberts was right - Amy had had the chance to avoid all the "unpleasantness" as he put it if she had just been willing to go along with what Mr. And it's not like Lisa had turned her in or had testified against her - Lisa had not said one single thing that would have implicated Amy or made it seem it was all her fault. And looking every bit as delicious too." "Thank you, sir." "As much as I like the outfit you are in, slut, it is not conducive to what I have in mind for you. Then she looked at him and noting no change in his expression and not being told to stop, she finally removed her panties as well. Lisa stood before him now clad only in her thigh-top stockings and her heels. Now then, there are a few things I wish to discuss with you before the fun begins." "Yes, sir." "That is the first item on the agenda. Master." Lisa felt a jolt of electricity race through her pussy and up her spine at the mere mention of the name.

She had never experienced anything like this and her heart was racing as he continued. Such a pretty, young, flower." His index finger traced her pussy lips so lightly it was as if it were a feather.

After several agonizing moments the tidal waves of her orgasm subsided and she returned slowly to her own mind. I would like you to become my personal secretary and a raise along with it. " "I am getting .75 an hour now, Master." "Well my personal secretary earns..we set it at .00 for now? She was happier in her new "position" than she had ever been. The guard - a large, muscular woman with a very unpleasant disposition - unlocked the cell door. The guard took hold of Amy's arm and escorted her down the hallway. "Lisa has been coming to see you, I hear." "Yes, she comes by once in a while." "That's what she has told me," he said. She was smarter than I was, I guess," Amy said sadly. If you agree to the terms of this Contract and sign it, you will be a free woman once again," he said, pushing the paper in front of Amy, "free at least from here." Amy looked down at the Contract. Roberts, this is the same conditions you made us in the office the day you tried to make us your slaves! I thought you might like one more opportunity to reconsider, seeing as how it worked out with Lisa and not with you." "No! Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited and is an infringement of National and International Copyright laws.

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