Classic christian principles of dating

It will benefit all of your relationships, ministry, career, and potential marriage.

If you want a healthy spouse, you need to be a healthy person right now.

Although it is not crucial to be good friends before you start dating, the better you know someone the, well, better. Although “to have fun” is not the purpose of dating, dating should be fun. Marriage will be one of the hardest things you do, so set a joyful precedent.

There will be differences, but they do not have to break the relationship. I mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating: always pursue health.

If you meet someone who you want to do life with or that God is laying on your heart to pursue romantically, then you will still be fine.

Either way, the quality of your life is what you make it.

Furthermore, the honor you show your parents will set a precedent for how your kids honor you. Since “what you feed is what will grow” stalking will likely nurture a fantasy of familiarity and romance in your own head, while it may never have even crossed the other person’s mind. There is a reason we call stalkers “creepy.” Your crush is not an object for you to drool over, nor do you have to know everything about them or always be around them.

If you want to get to know someone, be bold about it. Unless you have been given the gift of celibacy (which is probably not the case, since you decided to read an article about dating), marriage is for you.

Always pursue God and health (spiritual, emotional, and physical) and you will be fine.

Talk and interact with them, face-to-face if you can, but give them plenty of room to breathe. The purpose of dating is to see if two people are a match.

Do not be afraid if it does not work out, you have still fulfilled your purpose in dating. Just because it happened a certain way for your older siblings or friends does not mean it will be that way for you.

But before anyone can get married they have to go through the process of getting to know a person and pursuing love for them (at least if you practice the Western tradition of pursuing marriage).

It’s also hard, excruciating, joyful, hurtful, and incredibly fulfilling — at least this is what married people tell me, and from watching them, I believe it.

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