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Instead, after her severed body was found in an empty lot, she was immortalized as the Black Dahlia, more famous in death than she ever was in life.Despite the efforts of hundreds of police officers and countless hours of investigation, her brutal murder was never solved. Was she murdered by a madman, as city officials wanted everyone to believe, or was she the unlucky pawn in a game between corrupt cops, mob bosses and the illicit vice rings that ruled the city?

The killer had washed her off before bringing her to the dump site.The dead woman, it was noted, seemed to have been posed.She was lying on her back with her arms raised over her shoulders and her legs spread in an obscene imitation of seductiveness.Evidence was being destroyed, he knew, and he immediately cleared the area.Then, while he and his partner examined the scene, the body of the woman was taken to the Los Angeles County Morgue.

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