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These turn out to be equivalent, because each drives you to do the other.The way to be good at programming is to work (a) a lot (b) on hard problems.

So one way to find interesting work is to volunteer as a research assistant.

This year's 9th-Annual Wolves Golf classic, an event that has become one of the premier golf tournaments in the area, is set to begin at 8 a.m.

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Professors have to publish novel results to advance their careers, but there is more competition in more interesting areas of research.

So what less ambitious professors do is turn out a series of papers whose conclusions are novel because no one else cares about them. I never worked as a research assistant, so I feel a bit dishonest recommending that route.

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If I were in college now I'd probably work on graphics: a network game, for example, or a tool for 3D animation.

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