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347 Dewar (W ) Proptsals for a Plumage Bill 564 Dewsnup (Prt f F R) appointed Prtkssor of Railway Administration in I iverpool ITniversitv 383 Dhar (V R ) 1 d G I rbain The Pol ins it ion Flectro- motivc lorcts of Iron in Solutions of Conrplex Salts 6x8 Dickson (\ 3 C) Ih Mil Miners and Prospettors Cull Dic Wn (Piof I F) Mistorv of (hi Theory of Numbers \ol I Di\isihilitv ml Prlmallt^ 4 Dines (W H) Atmospheric and T eries tin!

Rad l Uirn 714 Pr gr ss ( f Meteoix logv 347 Thf C haracteristics of thf Free \tmospheir 30^ The ITi flection cf Light during i Solar F Iipse 303 Wind md Barometne Crali nt 324 Dimv (Dr F \) Presidntiil ^ddrfss to the Zoology Sertin of the British Assoc ition 39 lai Oixt Ki (Prof H B) and H Stephen The Discovery of f h micil Ficmenfs sim 1W9 '*21 Dixon (Prif If H) and I C Vfasoi A Crviscopt Method for the Fstimilion of Suirosc 34 and H H Pi 1 e Ph lo-s\nthes K and the Flettrrnic Iheoiv 68j Di X(n(R B) wl A I Krabe?

The Teaching of Eng Hth, 421 Coulter f Prof J M ), The Fvolurion of Botanical Re- varch, 481 Cou Dtn f H ) The Cauaes of the Elongation of the Stem of Ktiolftted Plants 683 Coumiont (P ) and A Rocholx, The Bacte Hol Flora of Sewage Effluents Punflod by Bone# acihies, 650 Cowdray (Lord), Donations to the Univm)lanip (Dr W ), appointed Profewr of flectncal Fn* pneerinf S in Birmingham Univir Mtv 48Q "rawford (H S ) The Muni Paintings and Inscriptions at Knockmoy Abbey 47s !!!

rawford (Prof ) and Misws f urfield and Cummings The Orbit of Finl^ s Comet iqiod -^80 rawfurd (Dr R ) to Deliver the llirvcinn Ontion its Cremieu (V ) and A I epapo The Separation bv Solidi- fication of Pure Carbon Dioxide from a Gaw^ous Mix ture 307 ^restani (Prof G ) Mt trorologia Aeron lutiin bs6 ^rommelin (Dr AC D ) Results of the Total Solar I (Iipse cf Ma\ 29 and tht Relalivitv Theory 280 Cinntein s Thior ^14 Tht m Ro\al Observa torv 076 Ihe Deflection of I ight during a Solar Fclipse,i372 The I instein Iheory and Spe tril Dis placement Ihe Throiv of Rilaiivity 631 Brooke (Dr W ) Cults of the Mother Goddesvei in India 608 l Os Mand (Dr C ) Comfort and Health in the Tropus 373 rios Ble\ (Prof \ W ) appointed Dirtitoi of Research to the British Cotton Industry Reseanh sociation aq6 The \ppointment 'll a^ D rector of Reseaich bv tht British Cotton Induslrv Resemh Association VP I)rowlev (Dr J F ) The Use of Electricity m Agriculture 368 rowther (Dr J A) A Mann il of Ph\sics "’rosier (( ol t P) The M inufncture of High Fxplosnes during the ^ar 433 Truick Shank (Di J ) appointed Gf r^^im Mc Robert Lectunr in Pathology in Abf India 363 Ihe Reductun of Wave Action in Harbours 014 Ihe Sudan Irrigation AAorks 131 \V iter in Action— Control Ud end free 70 uunninghain (E ) f instein s Rehtniti Theor\ of Gravita tion 3SA 374 304 Finslein s Theory 3nd a Map Analogue 437 1 ht Ihtorv of Rtl Uivit\ 6^ Curtis f R ) Thf “Grillo PI int for miking Sulpliuiic Acid 34 1 Cutler (D W The Si enmtogcnesis of Infertile ll)brids Ik tween Pheasant tnd t Kid f amoine Fovl Si Craplirka (Miss M A ) Relation of History and Flhnology with spriial reference to North Ccntril Asia 48- The Turks of (entnl Asia m Histrirv and at the Present Day 373 Dakin f Prof ) Vitalism Dale (Dr H H) and otheis Ihe of Cipillines m the Reguhl Kn of the Blood flosi 519 Dali f Dr W H) New Species cf Molluscs of the Fami K Tumtida) from the West Coast of America and Adjaient Regions 98 Dallas (W I ) [obituaiv] 63 Dah (Prof R A) “Clarnl control Theory of the Growth of Cord Reefs 360 Danden (I leut MM) Dizionario Interna/unale di Aero navigaxione o Costruzionl Aeronautiche Itdtano Francese Inglese Fedcsco 636 Danie 4 (G ) The Causes of the Immerston of the I easts of thi Water I ilv 407 Dattiell (G F ) Selection of Flementary Children for Higher Forms of Education 513 Darling (C R) to deliver 1 course of Irs*tures on the Commencal Appltrat Kms of Phvsics 386 ' Darfow (h G) The Bovs Own Book of Great Inventions I Dautrkhe (P ) The Field of Applu atipn for Aerophoto-^ graphy 09 Davenoort (Dr C B ) and M T Scudder Naval Officers , Their Heredity and Devekwnent 306 pnvldson (C «R ), The Solar Fclipse of May ag iqig 4^4 ) Davies (1 J C Fraser) The Sociological Society 663 Davis (Dr A P ) and H M W ilson Irrigation Engineer ing Seventh edition 70 Dav K (J J ) The Natural Fnemiet of Phvllophaga 40 Dtvis and Jordan The Orifice a*, a Means of Meisunng the Flow of Water through a Pipe 647 Debenham (F) dieted 1 lelkw of Gonvillo and Cams College Cambridge 616 Dteckc ^rof W) Articles on Petrographic Subjects 673 Deelev (R M ) end others 1 ubncation 451 Delage (A ) Integrating Pitot Fut for measuring tht average Velocity of Vanible ( urionts 683 Delaporte (P ) Proposed Reform of the Calendar 414 Ddler (Dr F ) apjxiinted Assistant Serretar to the Royal Society 37a Ddlinger (J H) Rtdio J ransmissnn ^nd Reception 543 Delptch (J ) Flameless Poivders 1(7 Ihe Flashes Pro duied by the lire of Artilhry 187 Th Pure B Powders 68 Demenitroux (M ) Methods Usid in France for the Pro durtion of Radium Br mide 419 Dcnd\ (Prof A ) Animal I ife and Human Progress 31 Denham (H J ) Goss}]f Hum in Pre I inn Tan I iteiature in Densmore (F ) Teton Sioux Musi 437 Th Sun Dane tf the Teton Sioux 437 Desch (Prof C H ) appointed Prof ssor Devcmlis (P) The Use of Fites n I xiratlini^ Water from th# Atmospher 491 Deslandrex (Dr H ) Sir Norman t ockver 191 The Con stitution rf the Atom and the Propeiti C’, of Band Spt tri a"*!

itchment Arens 420 454 and Mi3s M G Flood Tht Douglas Firs \ Rotanii il md Svlvii ultur tl Dcscuption of the \ snous Species of Pscudotsugi 682 Htrdmin (Prof W Abundanif of Marim Animals ind I (Juinli Utivt Suivcv of Ihtii Ot turn nee ^27 Pi sidentclnt of the British Assoiiilion 42 Thirtv thud 3nnu il Report of the I iverpool M irine Biology t oniinittee 677 Ilcrun \Iltn (I ) md Mi I irl ind Modific itions of Growth in the T iff historv of loiiminiftra 446 Htriing (Prof P P ) St Andrews Institute for Clinical Ri St arch O14 He«is (F I ) Proposil of the lerm “ P utite ’ 474 H vwood (H H) Mnthinnlus it the Lnivirsity of Sti i bourg, 74 Hicks (Piof W M) \ Ilcliun Si rtfs m tht Fxlrcme I In i \ inlet 39 ^ Hiikson (Prof S J) Biologic il Scuntc in Secondary Schools ed 484 Tackson (Sir Tohn) [obituary] xo S Jackson (V H ) and A T Mukerjee Improvements in Metsuremefl U with Quadrant FUctromclers Part 11 449 The Utility of Desiccants m ricctrostaiic Measure metna as Q James (A V F) The Phvaiographv and Geograph} of the Bu IIa-Sydenham Area 6 iq J amev (R W ) The Antarctic Shackleton’s Expedition of Jardine (Dr PE) appointed Lecturer on Applied Anatomy III Edinburgh Univeriitv 434 Jayaram (B ) The Manganese Ore» of the Shimoga ahd Adlacent Ditt Hcta 137 • Jeaoa (J H ) awarded a Royal Medal of the Roval Society on S Relativitv 400 Jeffreys (Dr H Relativity 401 The National Union of Sidentiflc Workers md Research 23 Jekhowskv (B) Orbit of the Aletcalf Comet 19106 68 Jesp(*rs n (P ) Iht Notth Atlantic Halibut Fishiry 148 Joid (( 1 M ) I ssavs in Common sense Philosophy 3^2 Johansen (\ C) J he Biomdrici of the Spring span ning H rrings 148 Johnson (Prof D A\ ) Shoie Ircxesses and bhori line De velopment 71 Johnston (Sir H inv H ) A rompiralive Study of the Bantu and Scmi Bantu I inj^uaj^es 129 Ihe Flight from ( uro to th Capi Avuten and Pxplora Cion, bj2 The Prehistory of South \fi K(h elected to Ih Iran is Mind Professorsh p if Vionautnal Fngi neering in Cimbridgc University 107 Jrnes (Chapniii) Progress of Phutogri|nv Jones (Dr D \ (1 malt) appointed Professor of Svst mitic Medicine n Otigo Univeisiiv 490 ford in (Dr \ ( ) \ nvs in Mcdual Science 237 jourdam (P F h ) I ibituary] 1 17 Jutson (J T) Dust whirls in Sub and Misi m Ausinlu 611) Rod rvpansioi bv 1 mocr iture Variation in ^ub irid Western Australia 108 The “Clawing * Action of R in m Sub an I West rn Auslnlia 11 S Jutson an!

of Piimiry Irianguta 1 on along the Ninety ighth Meridian in the U S ind in Mexi o 400 Bo\c tt (Pr f A F ) Sedimentation of Blood Corpuscles Sja liojle (J S W) ippomted I ectuier and Assist int in Cheniisirv in I niversitv Coll ge Dundee 87 Brane tnd 1 1« her P I rsen C omet iqiqb too 148 180 4r i Biabiook (Sir F ) The Anthropological Institutes of Fran e and the United Kingdom 476 Brade Bir Us (Hilda K) and Rev S Craham Bnde Birks 1 uminius ( hilopoda with special ttfcrince to Giophtlu% cari Hiphaf^us I each 704 Blade Bilks (Rev S Graham) appomte 1 Ifituer in 7 oologv at the South I ast rn Agtuulturil C lle^^c 167 I iimhious Worms 23 q3 Bradl e (F B C) The Marttim Histori of Newlur^poit Mass 639 hiars(.o (P) The Fxpinsion of Copper intimonv AHojs 641 Brigg (Prof W H) elected President of th Phvstal Sot 11 tv 701 to d( liver the Juvimlc Christm is I ert ires at the Ro\a 1 Institution 418 to del\rr th Sihamis Thompson Memoi lal t ecture of Ihe Rontgen Society 670 \ ravs in Physical Science 244 Bragg (Prof \V I ) Sound ranging 187 Bianfo H (B ) A New Chapter in the Scien t of Govern nient 404 Brauner (Prof B) A Tribute from Prague 474 Fntcnlc Siientihc literature in Ctnfral Fuiope during the War 600 Breasted ^Prif J H) The Origin of Civilisation w th spcml reference to the Nile Valley 267 Breton (A C ) a Remarkable Pictua map fiom Mexico 702 Brlarley (W B) Species in Rdation to Fungi 420 708 Blight (Sir Charles), Inter Tmperml Communication through Cable ^Airdets and.E ), The Taking over of Local Mueeucnt by the Boanl or Education, 703 Lowe (Cant P R ), appointed Aestitant m Charge of the Bird Room of the Natural Hletory Museum, 340 Lowe (W ), Zoological Mission to the West Coast of Africa, Luba^ A ), The Preparation of ^Aminocarvacrol and lu Use as a Developing Agent In Photography, 79 Lucas (Sir C P ), Islands as Centres of Preservation of Human Diversities, etc , 514 Lumi^ and Seyewetz, A Sinmlified Method for the De- velopment of Auto^rome Plates, 137 Lundahl (C F ), Distances of the Stars of Type F, 479 Lyde (Prof L W ), Holland and International Rivers, 333 , Presidential Address to the Geography Section of the British Association, 38, 141 Lydekker (R.), Wild Life of the World A Descriptive Sur vey of the Geographical Distribution of Animals Three vols , 69 Lyell of Klnnordy (Lord), Gift of Books on Geology to the Geology Department of Edinburgh University, 425 Lyman (Prof T ), A Helium Series In the Extreme Ultra- Violet, 314, 565 Lynes (Capt H), Zoological Expedition to Darfur, 507 Lyons (Col H G), Lt -Co L B F E Keeling, 317 Lyster (Dr C R C ), Retirement from the Posiuon of Head of the Electro-therapeutic Department of the Middlesex Hospital, 358, [obituary], 57a Macalistrr (Prof A ) [deathl 8 , fobituaty article], 36 Macassey (Sir L ), The Economic Future of Women in Industi^, 9 Macfadyen (Lt W A.), An Aspect of Electrolytic Iron Deposition, ^33 Macfariane (A ), Lectures on Ten British Physicists of the Nineteenth Century, 561 Macfariane (Prof J M ), The Causes and Course of Organic Evdudon A Study in Bloenergics, 149 Mackenzie (K.J J ), re-appoint M Reader In Agriculture in Cambnd|te University, 435 Mackie (Miss), Discovery of a Faint Nova, 119, Nova In Lyra, 704 Mackintosh (I ), The Outlook In Dairying, 5S4 Macleod (Prof J J R ), assisted ^ Dr R G Pearre and bv others, Physio U^ and Biochemistry in Modern Medicine, 389 Macloskle (Prof.Report on Achromatic Tntcrfeiometry, 077 Bateson (Prof W ), Linkage in the Silkworm a Cor- rection, 31S, The Pt ogress of Mendellsm, 214, and ( ciroline TVlhw, Gcnetio of “ Rogues ” among Culinary Peas, 640 , Baudouin (M ), Ihe hibuh of a Ne^^l^-born Infant of the Polishecl Slone Period, and Consequences In Anatomical Philosophy, 4SQ « Baumc (G), and M Robert, Some Properties of Pure Nitrous Anhvdnde and of it*» Solution in Nitrogen Pei oxide, 407 Bausor (H W), Senior Pract Fcal Chemistry, 497 Haxenildl (J) Moteorologual Observations made it the Frrnlfv Obsrrv'itoi), 1918, 477 Bixter and Firgh*r, Arsenic Cornpoundf.foi Direct Tntrx- vopous Injection in Simple Aqueous Solution, 34a Bavi ux (R ), The Oaogen K Posi Tr of the Solar Radiation at Ihe Altlmde of the Mont BUnc Observatotv, 407 Bnvli-S (Pi of W M ) nwnrdid the Copley Medal of the Ro\n I Soci Pt\ aos 36a.

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