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It was early morning and there was a thick mist which only seemed to get thicker as time went by.

There was an eerie silence about, which was giving Sakura goosebumps."DUCK!

Naruto quickly jumped up as he recognised who that person was."Momochi Zabuza, demon of the mist, if I'm not mistaken.""I'm glad that I'm recognised, though, I can't say that I know who you are.""That's because I'm missing a few accessories." Naruto replied with an air of confidence."Even if you had them, you still won't be able to beat me, so therefore I have an offer for you. ""Yes Naruto-sensei." The three chorused."Good."Everyone tensed up as they heard Zabuza's voice, though they couldn't pinpoint it as it seemed to be coming from all around them.

If you give me the old man then I'll let you, along with the three brats, live.""I'm sorry, but I can't allow that as it is my, no, our mission to protect him, so protect him we shall.""Very nice speech, though it won't help you." It was then that the mist thickened even more, making it almost impossible to see more then a couple of feet in front of you."Kiba, Sakura, Sasuke! He was describing the points of the body where he could kill them, sending shivers down the spines of everyone, apart from Naruto, as he was too busy trying to figure out where Zabuza was. Well, I have my tricks."Zabuza was standing right in front of Tazuna, the three genin around him, his sword at hands, however, they did not meet the flesh which they had been aimed at, as Naruto at made it there just in time to block the slash with a pair of kunai, inches away from Tazuna's neck.

His senses caught swift, but quiet, movements, so he moved."What? Sasuke had looked behind him immediately after hearing the clash of metal. Naruto raised his arms to either side, hands scrunched tightly together."That's it?

Naruto brought one of his hands down, kunai still present and slashed right into Zabuza's abdomen. ""No." Naruto then, arms still up, began to draw in a lot of air, keeping it in once he couldn't take in anymore.

Naruto readied himself before he forced the necessary chakra through his arms in order to push the blades out.

And so, Tazuna explained everything from Gatou to the Wave Country's lack of prosperity.What would Naruto be like if he had been born 4 years earlier, Kyuubi still being sealed inside of him. " Sakura demanded as Kiba stood up and handed the cat, Tora, to her. Pretty swiftly if I might add.""Just keep your pretty mouth closed if you know what's best for you! " Was the answer he got from the people in front of him, excluding Sasuke, who merely raised an eyebrow."I'll give you a C-ranked mission, to see if you can handle it… Tazuna, with all due respect, this genin team is fine for the request, besides, if anything were to go wrong, then Naruto here will be more then qualified for whatever happens. Now, I think we should carry on walking before it gets too dark." Everyone else followed Naruto's lead. Sure, why not.""Um, if you were an Anbu at our age… ""I was six."Again, Sasuke's eyes widened in shock. ""Also, if you were an Anbu at our age, then why did you quit?What would he be like if he had grown up with Itachi, reaching shinobi ranks along side him. AU & OCnes Okay then here is another chapter for you all to read and preferably enjoy as well. ""That's because cats don't generally like dogs, or you for that matter! This was the sixth time in two weeks in which they had to go and catch the daimyo's wife's cat. " Kiba threatened."Now, now, there is no point in threatening your teammates, only I can do that.""And why is that?! " Sarutobi replied with a smile plastered on his face."Well, I'd give us an awesome mission as we would easily be able to complete.""Now don't go and get too cocky Kiba." Naruto hissed, his left eye slightly twitching and a vein evident on his forehead. All you have to do is escort someone back to the wave country and guard him as he finishes building a bridge over there… " Kiba began but was quickly stopped by his sensei."We were hired to protect him, not kill him Kiba." Naruto scolded, placing Kiba gently back on the floor. "You don't honestly expect me to except that these are the people who are supposed to… He may be young, but he is skilled.""I'll believe it when I see it." Both Tazuna and Kiba said at exactly the same time. " Naruto asked, in a slightly non bothered voice, though he was very sick and tired of the boy and his rants about Naruto."Just that you're only a jounin because the Hokage favours you and stuff…" That did it. Naruto sighed, before his hand made its way to the bandaging around the top of his right arm, removing it to show his team what was hidden underneath. There, on the side of his arm, was the tattoo which every Anbu received to show that they were, indeed, an Anbu. Naruto's face showed no emotion, which was very unlike him when he was with his team, as he was always smiling, or twitching when Kiba went too far. All Kiba could do was stare, until he nodded dumbly. Minutes later, Sakura asked Naruto a question which had been pondering her. " She looked up to her sensei and saw that his face was no longer that of his happy self, but more distanced and sad."… For more personal reasons…"Sakura just nodded slowly."Is there anything else?I'm going back to school tomorrow (Thursday) so I won't be updating for a short bit, but I'll try and get another chapter out sometime in September, if that's Ok. Kiba stood up, growling slightly had he had numerous scratch and bite marks all over him. How can something so insignificant-…""…That's a pretty big word, coming from you, isn't it dog-breath."Kiba, along with Sakura and Sasuke, who had been silently leaning against a tree nearby, all turned around to find that it was their sensei who had just insulted Kiba, who just narrowed his eyes and looked about ready to assault Naruto."You know that if you attempt to attack me then you will get your butt kicked.""Yeah right! ""Because I can hold my threats, unlike some people.""You just wait! I'm sick of all of these pointless chores that you call missions.""Oh? Tazuna, please come on in."The door opened and in stepped a large man with grey hair and a flask of sake in his hand, no doubt half empty."Team seven, this is your client, Tazuna."Said person looked around the room, not liking what he was seeing. Again, another vein was evident on Naruto's forehead."You will all leave in an hour, so off with you now…" The Third said cheerfully, said people leaving the room, complaining to themselves about their own troubles. All five of them were now present at the gates where they were to leave from."Alright everyone, it's time to leave." Naruto said, and with that, he took the first step, followed by everyone else swiftly afterwards. Naruto couldn't hold it in; however, he took a deep breath before he began to talk."… His facial expression had an air of authority and strength, one that should not be taken lightly. ""Nuh uh." Naruto just nodded happily to that as they carried on.I might be lucky and be able to write more, but we'll see when that happens. ""I'm sure, but before we get too carried away with this lovely discussion, we need to get back to the Hokage so that we can report back from our mission and give the Daimyo's wife her cat back. "So I paid good money for three little brata and a teenager?! For the first hour they all walked in silence, until Kiba couldn't take it anymore."I doubt that you are that skilled, even if the Hokage did say so himself." He directed this, of course, to Naruto, who didn't respond."Oh… Do you want to know what level I was at, at your age? "It took a couple of minutes before the jaws were picked up. They set up camp that night, Naruto keeping alert the whole time, with the help of a certain tenant, whilst he and everyone else slept soundly that night. The sun was shining, not a single cloud in the sky and it was hot and dry.

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