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Derricks race didnt end like Aubreys, but Derrick wasnt finished. During that intermission, we watched Gordy Myers win one and lose one. Although I only got to see him race one time, it wasnt his day either.During Aubreys last race of the evening, Ronda got a chance to ride to the line with her in her car.Keep in mind, I hadnt been to the "drag races" since I was a kid.Ronda used to go to Texas Speedway as a little girl with her family and we both discovered, we werent that interested in it when we were little, but this was a unique opportunity to watch a father and daughter race alongside their Grandpa Gordy Myers.

This was twice as loud and earth shattering than Aubreys car.Before the race, the drivers pull up to an area that is wet so they can do a quick burnout to get the tires hot and sticky for the launch at the starting line.When Derricks car started spinning the tires, I capped both my ears.So, when he called saying he had been having some pain in his chest and was going in for a stress test, we all got pretty concerned about him. Last week, Brett underwent a heart cath at the Kansas Heart Hospital.Obviously scared of what this experience was going to be like, I offered up my experience with it and assured him that he was going to be just fine. Brett insisted that he was probably going to be all plugged up and needed several stents because of his genetics.

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