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To the best of our knowledge BB #26 was the last Bulletin and it is equally as long as 25, packed with great information.

The Bigfoot Bulletin was part of the research purchased from Ray Crowe and the International Bigfoot Society.

Blair Page 5- Family of the Devil (Brazil) Page 6- Does Bigfoot Pound Rocks?

Jim Mc Clarin Card File John Dana Page 7- Archie Buckley Reports on the Yolla Bolly Bob Titmus Writes About Rock Pounding Boris Porshnev Writes About Zana and Almasti Page 8- Michael Johnson- Kentucky-Rock Pounding Newsletter Suspended Because of Illness Page 9- The Gougou- The Bigfoot of the East, by Bruce Wright Page 10- Continuation of Page 9 Story Page 11- Markers for Tracks Quote of the Month Page 12- Recently Published It’s been our pleasure to post the Bigfoot Bulletin and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading 25 of 26.

George writes that there was a growing trend for bigfoot splinter groups to form and to keep their information secret.

He goes on to write that researchers are now keeping their information secret and not sharing.

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