Danielle staub and danny provenzano dating

Provenzano, who served time on racketeering charges, admitted during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live prior to sentencing that he “beat up” a man “badly” and smashed an associate’s thumb with a hammer.

During the Brownstone episode Danielle appeared with an “entourage”: Danny Provenzano and up to 20 men for “protection”.

Beginning in tonight’s episode of RHONJ, viewers will see a midseason climax, the culmination of the script Danielle Staub wrote and has been acting this season.

A script where Danielle claims the Manzo mob is out to get her.

Danielle’s claims of a potential Manzo mob ambush at the Brownstone at a charity event held for a child with a rare form of cancer.

Of Ashley Holmes sending threatening text messages to Danielle.

An episode where a real housewife–Danielle–brought onto the show a convicted felon, Danny Provenzano.

But according to Radar Online.com, she entered into a plea deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against Aguilar and others in exchange for five years probation and drug testing. "Everyone went to jail and she snitched." Aguilar told Radar that the phone conversation between him and the "Real Housewife" on Sunday got real ugly, real quick.

He claims Staub called him a "celebrity stalker" and threatened to sue him for defamation of character.

Radar confirmed with the Wayne Police Department that Staub was at the North Jersey station Monday morning, but officials wouldn't disclose further information.

By LBG1 With the last episode of season three of Real Housewives of New York City, the 3-part reunion episodes, and lost footage aired, some viewers were dismayed by the level of “toxicity” between the NYC Real Housewives this season.

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