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Series title: Contributions to the study of science fiction and fantasy no. This fascinating study relates horror film to recent interpretations of the body and the self, drawing from feminist film theory, psychoanalytic theory, cultural criticism and gender studies. 43 "Nightmare and the horror film: the symbolic biology of fantastic beings." In: The anxious subject: nightmares and daymares in literature and film / edited and introduced by Moshe Lazar. Interplay; 2."Refusing to Refuse to Look: Female Viewers of the Horror Film." In: Identifying Hollywood's audiences: cultural identity and the movies / edited by Melvyn Stokes and Richard Maltby. Bernie's "deathwish": history and transgression in New York City / John Cline -- Troma entertainment: the boobs, blood, and brains of reel independence / Rebekah Mc Kendry -- Exploitation films and success: the half-told melodramas of Andy Milligan / Kevin John Bozelka -- Extreme European cinema. "Jung in the twilight zone: The psychological functions of the horror film." In: Psyche and the arts : Jungian approaches to music, architecture, literature, film and painting / edited by Susan Rowland. Heidegger, the uncanny, and Jacques Tourneur's horror films / Curtis Bowman -- Hitchcock made only one horror film: matters of time, space, causality, and the Schopenhauerian will / Ken Mogg -- What you can't see can hurt you: of invisible and hollow men / J. " : vampirism as AIDS metaphor in Killing Zoe / Jeane Rose.

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