Dating a girl with spina bifida

The only thing I've planted so far is potatoes (which I'll write as a separate blog post) since we're still in the process of acquiring tires, cutting up tires, laying out tires, etc.

Our warm weather is holding (unusual) so we may take chances and plant some of the cool-loving plants soon, such as broccoli and peas.

In fact, we used the tractor to fill the tractor tire, layering soil and lots of composted manure.

Last year we finally gave in and made four raised beds for our small fruits (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries), which makes perfect sense.

Raised beds mean the soil drains better, warms up sooner in the season, and the beds can be netted against deer as well as meshed on the bottom against voles.

We've plowed endless amounts of composted manure into the soil in an effort to improve it.

A self-sufficient lifestyle is literally unreachable without one.

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