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The very early pieces may have used mortice-and-tenon joints which were held by pegs or dowels instead of using screws or glue, and the most common foot was the bracket foot.From the earliest Georgian times the most common method of construction was hand cut dovetail joints which were glued together.An Antique Chest of Drawers or any Georgian furniture are well designed pieces and are built to a very high standard.They are made using good quality woods such as mahogany and oak and the screws were made by hand.Cylinder shapes, concave fronts and bow fronts were becoming very popular and fashionable.Much grander pieces than before were being made such as large pedestal desks and huge break fronted library bookcases.

Furniture was hand crafted, and good quality solid woods were abundant, and along with good metalware fittings, quality was of the utmost imortance.

Clout nails which were hand cut were used for the backboards and sometimes hand made screws were used.

Ebony and brass were more commonly used for decoration in the later Georgian period, as were banding with string inlay.

It's shapely curves identify it as a cabriole (pronounced "CAB ree ole") leg and that type of leg was first introduced in the 18th century.

The prototypical cabriole leg was introduced in the Regence period in France and was refined/perfected in the following period of Louis XV rococo.

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