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Promoted by lobbies, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president.

The pending legislation on sanctions against Iran is but one example.

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So much for Jewish hysteria-hyping.) Joining lead speaker Rabbi Jonah Layman, participants included not only the foreign government of Israel’s embassy ambassador, Dan Arbell, Deputy Chief of the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC, but a group of “Congressional legislative assistants” as well.

These Congressional staffers, led by Sarah Farhadian, Legislative Assistant for Rep.

It would probably reignite the conflict in Iraq, would set the Persian Gulf ablaze, would increase the price of oil twofold, threefold, fourfold, and Americans will be paying five, six dollars a gallon at the gas stations. If we are finally driven out, how much would you bet on the survival of Israel for more than five to ten years after all that has happened?

Europe will become even more dependent on Russia for energy. It will be a disaster for America in the short run and a fundamental disaster for Israel in the long run. Some criticize my straightforward stance calling me an ‘anti-Semite.’ Well, they’re entitled to their demagogy. Those who are making these arguments, the neo-conservatives, are doing it for their foreign patrons.

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