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Does anyone else have a f25ce-nt The model in the books don't exactly match mine.

The F25 should have the chesterfield logo and mine does not.

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From some recent information that was gleaned from a former Harmony employee that has changed somewhat.

I went back through my records of instruments that passed through my hands certain I'd had a W in the past. Everything I've owned (a few dozen) was marked S or F.

There has been a conventional wisdom for the last several years as to how Harmony Date Coded their instruments and how they were read.

In these eight-digit numbers, the first two digits signify the number of years since Takamine’s establishment in 1962.Guest, This is as good a resource gateway as any, I guess. cleaned up and restrung and old Kay guitar for a friend recently.It was a cool old (and rather inexpensive) acoustic guitar.It looks like the two codes in mine are: Under bass f-hole: 3557H417 Between bottom of treble f-hole and tailblock: ?? Removal of the glue did not make the mark any more clear since the glue took some of the marking with it. So the First half and Second half explanation, would make it just the opposite season from the generally accepted Spring and Fall. The First and Second shift explanation I believe also came from an ex-employee.Makes me wonder if there was just a little misunderstanding on the half of the year and work shift part by the person collecting the facts. I wish I still had the link to the site where I got it. The First Shift/Second Shift doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, the instruments weren't built in a single shift.

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