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Further investigation through altering abiotic features of the soils and DNA sequencing led the researchers to conclude that p H indirectly affects suppression of mycorrhizal fungi through altering the microbiome of the soil.

Students can interact with the cell and learn about complex processes. The pilot program will help to determine if VR is useful in helping students learn science.

“Not only is temperature arguably more important than the type of wheat, but small temperature changes can make a huge difference.

“At 20°C they were fine but at 24°C they suffered really badly.” ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology Director Professor Harvey Millar said climate change was poised to deliver a double blow to wheat plants, with both increasing temperatures and a greater chance of flooding.

In research published today in the journal Scientific Reports, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology scientists at the University of Western Australia studied what happens when wheat plants cannot get enough oxygen because of flooding. They found the wheat was more susceptible to damage from flooding as the temperature got warmer - only to later read a Roman farming handbook that hinted at the same effect.

De Agri Cultura, believed to be written by Cato the Elder in 160BC, suggests rainfall can be left on wheat fields through the cold part of winter but will damage the crops if not removed by spring.

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