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Enter customized pistols or truly custom 1911's built from the frame and slide up and costs can soar.

One can spend from a few hundred dollars to about as much as he can afford for this classic pattern pistol.

In 1919 another 400 M1911 Colts shipped in above S/N range. In 1944 no commercial peroduction of any kind recorded.

In 1915 another 1000 shipped within above S/N range. in 1960 as surplus but very rare in any condition.) 9) Colt M1911A1 Argentine Modelo 1927: = July 28, 1927 to Feb. COLT pistols made by Argintina under licence from Colt marked on right of slide with "EJERCITO ARGENTINO / SIST. These are rare because of Mexico's strict penalties for illegal possession of military arms (ON SPOT EXECUTION). .22 to .45 Conversion Units made S/N U1701 to S/N U1750.

The focus of this article is the somewhat spartan Springfield Armory Mil-Spec in .45 ACP.

The Mil-Spec is a "no frills" 1911 A1 type forty-five.

Specifications: : Small diameter as for 9mm/.38 Super and made of titanium The barrel on my pistol is stainless steel with an average barrel OD of 0.570" until you get to 0.60" from the muzzle.The Mil-Spec has slide serrations angling slightly forward while the GI gun's are vertical.If the sights on the Mil-Spec are not satisfactory and a change is planned, the WWII Mil-Spec aka "GI .45 1911-A1" might be the way to go as these run about a hundred bucks less. It is unknown for sure if any slides were made and no frames were made. Sprinfield Armory manufactures a range of custom pistols that are handmade to exacting standards and are sold under the "Sprinfield Custom" marquee.

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