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“I had to watch as my male coworkers got lap-dances from girls while they teased me about how I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to participate.” She added she spoke to two of her bosses about the incident."They admonished me and said it was a bad look for the company for me to be there and to never do it again," she claimed.She wrote that the man, who she stated is still employed by ESPN, offered to give her a ride in his car, and reluctantly she accepted. He brought up numerous girls he said he was hooking up with that worked there at the time. I reminded him I was in a relationship with someone he knew but he persisted.” Sterger said she "cried the whole way home" after she left the car to take a train.She wrote a friend later told her the man only interviewed her to show his coworkers that she was “just as f--k able in person as I was in pictures.” "He's a decision-maker there," she wrote.Stormy Daniels, an adult-film star who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, performed at a Long Island strip club where a small showed up.

We thoroughly investigate all allegations brought to us.But the show - part of a publicity tour Daniels started on the anniversary of President Trump's inauguration - reportedly attracted a lackluster crowd.Trump also faced crowd attendance issues of his own during his inauguration in 2017 when reports said he drew poor attendance compared to his predecessors.The porn star told In Touch magazine in 2011 that she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006 after meeting him at one of his golf clubs.She was then reportedly paid 0,000 by a lawyer working with Trump in 2016 to keep the affair silent during the presidential election.

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"I was fired before my plane landed in Tampa.” She also recalled an alleged uncomfortable encounter in Bristol, Connecticut, in 2008 with one of the males who was at the strip club with her.

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