Dating traynor amps

These amplifiers were very common everywhere in Canada, and are well known for their tone, reliability, durability and repairability.Traynor made many models of amps, starting with bass amplifiers.

I also can't figure out what kind of speakers are in it, so how would I go about finding that out?

I don't trust the dating info on the Velvet Black website as it seems to be pretty inaccurate. I'll check the date codes on the pots - good advice.

on a Bass-Master might indicate that the amp is from 1965 or 1966, before the four-digit serial numbers were used.

if they don't have the chromed-bumpers style cabinet, then they're 60's.

it doesn't really matter much if it's a '67 or a '69 as they didn't make any major changes there.

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there's all sorts of interesting traynor-related stuff on there.

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