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“You begin to think about data as driving value, as contrasted to data as transparency for its own sake,” he said. In fact, data without visualization is barely open data at all.” Goldsmith, who is now a professor of practice of government at the Harvard Kennedy School and director of the Innovations in American Government Program, pointed to Los Angeles’ Geo Hub as an example of a site whose purpose is organizing data around what is most important to a city, which is location.

He sees the open data maturity model following a similar path to the growth of e-government itself — it starts focused on one narrow goal, and then gradually becomes part and parcel of how government operates.

Officers in the field as well as those in the intelligence unit were interested in getting that non-emergency request data to look at patterns.

“Police and other first responders were very interested in data on abandoned buildings and condemnations, as well as places where the Bureau of Building Inspection had identified serious structural issues, so they would know that before entering the building,” she said.

We want to help them understand how city data and operations can influence how they do their jobs.” As an example, neighborhood organizations often try to help homeowners with “tangled title” situations, in which many generations of a family might live in a house, but it is unclear who owns it and should pay taxes.

When a parent becomes disabled or dies, we have programs and benefits to help secure the family’s financial future.

When Stephen Goldsmith was deputy mayor of New York City in 20, the city was working on processes to make data available to the public.

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