Diablo profile not updating

It does affect your killing power quite a bit, though.

So your gear isn’t quite up to that point wherein you can sacrifice too much killing power?

Here are some changes you can make to help out in that regard (Top being the best change, bottom being the worst change).

Completely rewritten and modified version of "theage"'s script. umm bro you got some serious work to do lol the bot is using the prep way more often as a result its loosing a shit load of dps you may want to look in to the link I send below thats a script that was made last year and to this day it still works hell of alot better look in to it make a bot profile of the avoidens and fast mode :) you golden : D https:// yeah, the script needs serious work out, the freaking thing stays while lasers butcher the DH, explosions all that crap just keeps blowing and DH just sits around and taking the hit.This is a bit of a hassle, and while not needed, it seems to be the ultimate change for mobility this build can fit in.You don’t have to fully incorporate this into your set, just stash it or carry it around, then equip them if you’re doing bounties!so far with non optimized gear this script is working wonders for me.Took a break for ~1 yr and back at the bot in prep for Necro release!

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bracer is best, which is usually a Wraps of Clarity. However, you can make a try-hard speed build, and it’s quite easy – why? It’s a huge load off your mind when you can ignore some stats purely in the search for a decent speedfarming set, for example: Your ancient Unhallowed Essence chest armor rolled with Bounties require much more mobility than usual, so if you find the speed of this set “lacking” (Lol, really…) then you can make some slight adjustments.

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