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probably just another attempt to make WCW look bad, but I'm telling all of ya'll that it ain't gonna happen. We've got three of WCW's biggest stars and we've got a hot Diva from the WWE. The cheers die quickly and Disco looks like an idiot dancing up on the stage to complete silence. She's a WWE Superstar and the resident cougar of the WWE roster. "Teddy: "Vickie, there ain't no excuse for the likes of you, playa! I thought we'd at least be getting someone hot like Melina maybe..."DDP: "Everyone's already had Melina.

Okerlund: "And Bachelor Number Three is from Detroit, Michigan. Let's hear it for 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner."A few cheers from the crowd as Steiner stands up and poses a few times for the crowd. She's the former Interim-General Manager for WWE Smackdown.

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Not just any wine either, but some Boone's Farm just for you. And I'd even put on my orange spandex dancing suit, just for you."Vickie: "I think I'm going to be sick! "Disco (seen closing his cell phone): "Sorry babe, no can do. "Steiner and Mae walk off the set together, arm in arm.

"Disco: "Break out the glass balls and have strobe lights all over the house. Teddy: "So Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly win the Dating Game and are taking our prize trip.

When the host/hostess says, "Go", have the women each grab a man.Studios are invited to join to ensure a diverse range of experience and expertise.This creates an incredible work environment where everyone is challenged to produce their best work, while being surrounded others with the knowledge, networks and resources to make that happen.Here is Vickie Guerrero."Boos fill the arena as Vickie comes out and takes a seat. "Teddy: "Vickie, we've got one more bachelor up there. "Teddy: "If you want to keep this job, you'd better get to moving. "Vickie: "Bachelor Number Three, what is your idea of a romantic evening? A long, sensous massage with classical jazz playing in the background. "Steiner: "Yeah, I love to let my freaks massage me and oil me down while I get plastered.

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The couple who finishes the entire treat first, without using their hands wins a prize!

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