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ADSP enables domain owners to publish a policy telling compliant receivers to reject messages that fail to verify with DKIM.

But frequently Receiver A is performing one set of checks, while Receiver B makes a different set of checks or treats the messages that fail those checks in a completely different way.This information helps senders improve the mail authentication infrastructure so that all their mail can be authenticated. While impersonating a given domain is a common method used for phishing and other malicious activites, there are other attack vectors that DMARC does not address.It also gives the legitimate owner of an Internet domain a way to request that illegitimate messages – spoofed spam, phishing – be put directly in the spam folder or rejected outright. DMARC is only designed to protect against direct domain spoofing. For example, DMARC does not address cousin domain attacks (i.e.DMARC addresses these issues, helping email senders and receivers work together to better secure emails, protecting users and brands from painfully costly abuse.DMARC is a way to make it easier for email senders and receivers to determine whether or not a given message is legitimately from the sender, and what to do if it isn’t.

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