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Thus, government is now relying on their incestuous relationships with the many bailed out banks and businesses who are essentially under their control.

By 1742, with every colonial Royal Governor instructed to curtail the issue of colonial money, the British Resumption Act Congress to pass the 1791 Assumption Act — which created America’s first national bank, the First Bank of America, chartered by the private Bank of England for a term of twenty years — in its plan to control the monies of the so-called “independent” united States.

This is exactly what, which processes credit card transactions for millions of merchants around the world, has done to Hyatt.

Earlier this year, after a similar anti-gun push following the Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy, Bank of America took it upon themselves to forcibly seize funds from licensed firearms dealer and manufacturer American Spirit Arms.

The Victim Witness Advocates are mandated to afford certain rights and services to crime victims as defined in the Massachusetts Bill of Rights (M.

If you have been charged with intimidation of a witness, contact my office immediately for your free consultation.

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